Get yourself an ABC™ pillow!

Get yourself an ABC™ pillow!

Yesterday, I was having a chat with a patient in the clinic, joking on about how badly we need our beauty sleep, and we got chatting about sleeping positions and pillows and how to get things just right. Now, if you’re anything like me and Ab’s, sleep is pretty important, but to be fair, sleep is pretty important to most of us, right? So when we go to sleep, trying to get into the right position, or in chiropractic terms, getting the right amount of support for your body, can be pretty difficult, especially when you’ve got someone who hogs the bed, hahaha!

One of the biggest problems I always struggled with was trying to get the pillow height exactly right, which was always a pain in the neck. It was always a bit low, then a bit high, the old Goldilocks story, but never quite getting things right. Then a friend of mine introduced me to his ABC™ Pillow – MIND BLOWN. It was literally perfect, and we’ve got to admit, that’s pretty rare! So, the biggest thing that we look for in anything we use is how adjustable it is. Reason being, the more adjustable it is, the closer we can get to keeping your body absolutely supported, so the idea of being able to add a little more foam to increase the height of my new pillow was awesome.

Honestly, its been the best night sleep I’ve had in years, the pressure on my neck and shoulders has reduced significantly, I don’t knock my shoulder out of place as much, so my body is progressing better in terms of adjustments. It’s been great! So, obviously, since I’ve been harping on about this new pillow all the time, my mam felt like she was missing out. You know what, she loved it too! She had been using a water pillow for years, as had I, but the problem was the pillow was still too soft, so when you got it the right height, you still sank in too much, changing the dynamics of your neck. Exactly the same as me, my mam felt less pressure on her shoulders, not waking up fuzzy headed in the morning, less headaches as her body wasn’t collapsing. It even got to the point when she went on holiday with my dad, the pillow was packed in the case before anything else was! I’m surprised my dad managed to get anything more than a pair of shorts and a t-shirt packed, bless him!

Well, now you know, if you’re struggling with shoulder pain or neck pain, or just generally not getting a great night sleep, get yourself an ABC™ pillow! We’re trying to keep a few in stock in the clinic at £70, but they do tend to go quick. Feel free to leave us a message or give us a call if you’d like one!

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