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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

When it comes to your neck, something going wrong can REALLY impact on your life. When you can’t even look around without pain, your life changes dramatically, and for the WORST. You struggle to do everyday things; drive, exercise, even your mood changes. We can help!

The thing is, neck pain can be many different things, whether it’s a trapped nerve in the neck, a pulled muscle, a joint that is inflamed or multiple other things, or more than likely, a few of them together. And just like there are multiple tissues that hurt, 99% of the time there multiple factors that cause the pain in the first place.

Here at AJB Chiropractic, we get to the root of the problem, find the cause and correct it. This process, along with our expert knowledge and understanding of how the body works, is why we have had so much success with treating neck pain in the past.

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