Headaches are something that most people will suffer from at some point in their life and they suck!

Distraction, pain, sickness, vision changes, dizziness, you name it, they can cause it, and they can be VERY complex to understand.

When suffering with headaches, its important to remember there are many different headaches types and many different headache causes. From a dehydration headache or strain on your eyes from sitting at a computer to a cluster headache or migraine. This means there are many different causes for headaches too from tension on your neck, poor posture or pressure on your nervous system.

Here at AJB Chiropractic, we get to the very root of the problem, find the cause, and correct it. This is why we have had so much success treating headaches and migraines in the past.

Here are some testimonials from people we have helped in the past.

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