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Meet the team

Dr Aaron Butcher
Dr Aaron ButcherChiropractor
I decided almost overnight that I wanted to become a chiropractor after having my life changed by a chiropractor when I was younger. After multiple visits to doctors and physios within the NHS, I was diagnosed with ‘growing pains’, not much help to me when I couldn’t play rugby, swim or do martial arts any more because of the pains in my body! In a last-ditch attempt to help me, my mum took me to see a chiropractor. I must admit, it was strange having bones moved around for the first time, but it was the only thing that helped! I decided then to work to become a chiropractor, and in time went to study my master’s in chiropractic at both the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. At this point I then went into private practice, but quickly realised that I was seeing the same patient’s month after month. I became very disheartened, to the point I almost changed career. That was until I was introduced to Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ (or just ABC™) just 3 days after a 50mph motorcycle crash into 3 concrete bollards. As you can imagine I was a little bit tender to say the least, but I was adjusted using ABC™, the same type of body work we use here at the clinic, and I went from being in agony to being a bit tender, stiff and achy in the space of 15 minutes. It was incredible, I’d never seen anything like it before. Being the son of an engineer, growing up around taking things apart and fixing them, ABC just made sense. I could see the logic that was previously missing, and everything clicked into place. Since then our practice has grown exponentially, managing to help thousands of people in the North East of England and beyond, with some people travelling a 4-5-hour round trip to come to see us.
TracyPractice Manager
As Aaron’s parents we have always tried our best to support him in whatever he has tried to do, but we have always seen his passion and natural skill for chiropractic and wanted to do whatever we could to push him on his way. So it came naturally for me to step up when Aaron was left without a practice manager when he moved the practice from Blyth to Cramlington. I must admit, initially it wasn’t the most fluid of things (he needed reminding that I was still the boss at times!) but we quite quickly fell into the natural team you see every day at the clinic. As the business has grown and we moved to Rake House Farm where we are now, I have taken on more and more responsibility becoming a practice manager and director of the company, allowing Aaron to focus more on the clinical aspect of the business, meaning everyone gets the best possible care we can offer! Day-to-day I run the face of the business, answering calls and emails, booking appointments and helping Aaron whenever he needs it. I’m always up for a good chat, and cuppers are always free, so pop into the clinic if ever you’re in the area and come and say hello!
Arlo jointed the family business in March 2019, and from the first moment he came into the clinic, he has loved it! He likes nothing better than seeing all his friends and of course, no one is allowed to get their adjustments without giving him cuddles first, and if you’re sitting for more than 30 seconds there is a good chance you may have a toy plonked at your feet to play! So don’t be too surprised if you see a white fluffy cloud running to greet you when you walk in the door. Arlo has become an integral part of the clinic family and it doesn’t quite feel the same without him when he’s not there. We often get complaints from patients when they can’t have cuddles and patients deliberately booking appointments when they know he’s going to be there! Don’t worry if you don’t like dogs though, we have multiple shifts across the week where Arlo isn’t here, just ask for the dog free shifts when you book your appointments.

Our process

We create a bespoke treatment plan to address any and all underlying causes of your pain. Within your treatment plan, we will address three different phases to your care. Each phase will be equally important, specific to your needs and will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Our commitment

Whatever you’re looking for, whether its relief from headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, recovering from a sporting injury or just generally trying to improve your health, structure and wellbeing – we will always try our best to support you in any and every way we can!