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Posture and Structure

Posture and Structure

When it comes to posture, poor posture can really bring you down. When you’re slumped your breathing changes, you tend to bloat horrendously, you feel and look bigger than you are, you become very self-conscious and it can lead to bigger problems further down the line!

Research* has shown that people with a hyperkyphotic posture have an increased mortality rate of 44%. Simply put, if you have a stoop, you’re 44% more likely to die than someone who doesn’t have a stoop! This is because as your body collapses forwards, you compress your internal organs, particularly your heart, lungs and gut, causing huge problems with your health.

So not only does poor posture lead to huge health implications, its so hard to find something, or someone, that can help! Its impossible to ‘just stand up straighter’ because all you do is over compensate somewhere else. That’s why it always comes back! You can try to use posture braces, but they typically only pull your shoulders back, not fix the whole body, and as soon as you take them off, you’re back to square one, if not worse!

The good news is we have a fantastic success rate treating and improving patients posture! We find the very root cause of the problem and correct it, the same as with other health conditions. Have a look at our before and after photos below. These patients were told the same instructions, to get their body in a neutral position each time; “breathe in, breathe out, relax and let your body slump”.

If you’d like to see if we can get these results for you, book an appointment today!

*”Hyperkyphotic Posture Predicts Mortality in Older Community – Dwelling Men and Women” Journal of the American Geriatrics Society Volume 52 Issue 10 Page 1662 October 2004. Deborah M Kado, MD, MS. Mei-Hua Huang, DrPH. Arun S. Karlamangla, MD, PhD. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, MD. and Gail A. Greendale, MD. 

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