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Knee and Ankle Pain

Knee and Ankle Pain

Knee and ankle pain can really ruin your day, particularly if you’re an active or sporty person. In day to day life we use our legs to do almost everything, from walking and running to driving and other activities, and problems range from sports injuries and pulled muscles to gait problems or biomechanical issues, and thankfully, we can help!

When we develop pain and problems in our knees or ankles, we often lose the ability to walk or run or drive with it, and its this loss that causes the huge hole in our life to open up. We lose our independence, relying on friends, family and colleagues to pick up the slack we leave behind. The worst bit though, more often than not, once these injuries have been done once, they happen again and again and again until they can never fully heal.

The good news is, we can fix it before that happens.

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