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Cost-Effective Wellness Care in North Shields, North Tyneside

Take a proactive approach and improve your health with the help of our friendly team based in North Shields, North Tyneside. Our Chiropractors improve the function of your spine and nervous system to aid with a variety of debilitating conditions. From poor posture to knee or ankle pain, we offer a high-standard of service. Your healthcare needs are always placed first, and we are always happy to provide advice and guidance.

Our Role

As experts in the mechanics of the spine and other joints, we are here to help. Generally, members of the public associate us with the spine, yet we also target general health and the adaptability of the nervous system. Our friendly team improve the function of your spine and nervous system, aiding with a wide-range of conditions. The hands-on service that we offer is an unparalleled alternative to drugs and/or surgery.

Your First Appointment

Our friendly team ensure that you are comfortable during each visit. Your first chiropractic appointment should last around 30 minutes. This may seem like a long time, yet we truly listen to your needs, making you feel at ease. Our team look at you as a whole through the use of holistic therapy. This includes taking a very thorough case history. Once you count the form filling, you may be in the clinic for around 45 minutes to an hour.


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What Happens?

Chiropractic isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Therefore, we like to get to know you better! Upon arrival, you are welcomed to the clinic by one of our chiropractic assistants. She then guides you through the necessary forms. New patients are usually surprised by the forms, as they are quite in-depth! Our team create a bespoke solution for you, which is why we need to know about your health.
Once your forms are completed, you are welcomed in to the treatment room. Your chiropractor will ask you about the answers on your form. Our team are also happy to answer any questions that you have.
If you are happy to continue, the physical examination begins. The chiropractor may need to check your skin to examine the muscles in the affected area. Unless the chiropractor discovers an abnormality, you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment. The examination is exceptionally thorough, and includes the following: 

  • Spinal Check
  • Muscle Testing
  • Postural Assessment
  • Orthopaedic Tests
  • Neurological Tests

Sports and Chiropractic

What do Usain Bolt, Rory McIlroy, Bradley Wiggins, and Novak Djokovic all have in common? They all use chiropractors as part of their support team. Our chiropractor, Aaron, enjoys working with athletes and sportspeople to help them achieve their goals. This includes Isle of Mann TT Riders, Motorcross riders, Supersport and Endurance Riders, Fitness Athletes, Powerlifters and many more!
Chiropractic treatments can reduce your pain, enhance muscle recruitment, and improve your motion, all of which result in boosts in performance. By working towards body optimisation, our team help with a wide range of issues. These include coordination, balance, stability, and muscle strength. If you’re serious about sport, you should be serious about your body. Your most valuable piece of equipment is yourself. If you look after yourself, you are sure to reap the benefits and add to the enjoyment of your sport.


Contact our chiropractors, in North Shields, North Tyneside, for more information on our posture correction and knee pain treatments.


Treat Your Condition

People visit a chiropractor with a wide-variety of complaints. A twisted body results in pressure on a range of areas, and symptoms can manifest is unexpected places. Multiple symptoms are often common. Here is a sample of the problems that we treat:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain 
  • Headaches and Migraines 
  • Joint Pains Including the Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Elbow
  • General Aches and Pains 
  • Muscle Spasms and Cramp
  • Tension and Inability to Relax 
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Arising from The Neck

Before your treatment begins, we rule out serious underlying conditions. These include cancer, fractures, and infections. Our team often use x-rays and other additional exams to do this.
Most people that visit us exhibit symptoms of pain. However, some people use our services for the health of their body, spine, and nervous system, just like they would a dentist for their teeth! If you are an athlete or sportsperson, our services may help you reach peak performance. Please contact us for more information.

An Ethical Approach

Our team never make rash promises. If your condition is unlikely to respond to our care, we tell you. It’s unethical to do so otherwise, and only creates disappointment in the long run. Our strong local reputation is built on a high-standard of client service, and we constantly strive to build on this.

Please visit our testimonials page to see a sample of our client’s opinions.